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My Lipstick Adventure

RED LIPSTICK! It's my new favorite accessory. There was a time when I was scared to bare scarlett lips.  Surely I would look like eit her a hussy or just plain trying too hard.  But I decided to flirt outside of my comfort zone and plunge in headfirst into the sea of red rouge.  I didn't want to spend too much money on this new experiment, so I went to Target and tried on a bunch of different colors.  I tried Maybelline's Sweet Nectar, Very Cherry and Summer Sunset--too pink, too orange, too bad . None of them were right.  But there was just one more shade of red which had been put back in the wrong place--where Pinkalicious should have been. I popped the top, and swiveled the stick called, Red Revival. It felt smooth on my lips, but the real test was the color.  As I hesitatingly looked into the mirror, I was transformed!! I was neither hussy, nor trying too hard.  I was just cool. Red lipstick is my new friend.  Stay tuned as I experiment with more colors.

i LOVE accessories!!

CELLULITE--Embrace It Already!!