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Why Fat Is Not A Four-Letter Word

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I just got to interview two amazing photographers for the NUDE issue of
Volup 2 magazine, which will be out this summer.  I can't reveal much, except to say that I am so lucky that I get to do what I do.  The "F" word came up a lot during my interviews. Fuck. Fuckery. Fucktastic.  They were used in good-hearted fun and they are all words I absolutely love.  But the one that I am learning to love, or at least like, is FatThose three letters carry more weight than a barrel of "fuck you's" and bitch slaps. It incites fear into the souls of impressionable teenage girls, and is the insult of choice for drunk frat boys. Fat is a word that has been used to insult and torture the corpulent for decades.  Fat has been equated with  ugly, lazy, stupid and incapable of control.  It has been used by the media incessantly to create a culture in which diet companies are making billions of dollars off of the insecurities of people--mostly women. But how did we let this happen?  And what can we do about it?


Photo by Substantia Jones

Personally, I still struggle with the word because it has been used against me in the cruelest of ways.  But when I break it down, it's really just a descriptive word, like blonde or short.  It only has power if I allow it to. It says nothing about a person that is of any positive or negative value. It just is. Fat is fat.  That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.  So, the next time I'm feeling fat (and by the way, fat is not a feeling), I will also remember that I'm a tall brunette.  And none of that affects how I feel about myself.  So, why should my fat?  I propose a challenge to you: the next time someone complains that they're fat, or calls you fat, just look at them, say "yup," and smile.

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It's FATKINI Season Ya'll!