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Hey, What's Your Number Baby?

I'm thinking of the song by the Morris Day and the Time, 777-9311, which was part of my wedding dance performance this past February (that's another story for another time).  I got the song stuck in my head this week and it got me thinking about our obsession with numbers: age, weight, size, height, and the number of diets you've been on this year alone.  God, it's all so dull.   Don't we have anything else to think about?  I get it, I've been there, hell sometimes I still go there, but it's so exhausting.  Let's just all take a break, shall we?

Get off the fucking scale already

If you weren't thinking about how much you weighed or the stupid size tag on your jeans, what would you do with all that free time?  Seriously, many women, whether we are thin, fat or somewhere in between, obsess about or bodies a good part of the day.  "What will I wear today? Does that make me look fat? Maybe I should go on a diet.  I look so fat, therefore I suck.  My life is over as I know it."  

Here's what I started doing with my time when I finally got sick and bored of thinking about my body all fucking day long:
  1. Writing my awesome blog.
  2. Going dancing and letting my back fat jiggle in rhythm to the music.
  3. Swimming--yep!!
  4. Making new friends with my winning personality and dazzling smile.
  5. Putting on clothes that fit, feel good regardless of the size tag. I even cut the tags out so I won't obsess. Try it. It works.
  6. Reading--oh how I love to get wrapped up in a good book.
  7. Spending quality time with my husband.  He's so darn cute, I can't stand it!
  8. Throwing and going to fabulous parties and wearing sleeveless dresses that feature my ample arms. Case in point--fab party last Saturday at the Conga Room:
Look at those arms, baby!

9.  Traveling! I went to Turkey and Kenya last year and I actually got to experience their beauty and wonder without worrying about thigh rub. No, really.
10.  Creating the Curvy Sexy Chic empire.  Are you ready for me?

What could you do with your new found freedom from body obsession?  As much as I detest the hashtag, I'm gonna use it here cuz it works.  


Ciao for Niao,

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