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Why I'm Abandoning Heels For the Forseable Future

Damn it -- my feet hurt!  Rude. I love heels.  I love how they look on my feet and how sexy my legs look whilst wearing them.  I do not, however, love how fucking painful they are.  In my 20's and early 30's I could handle them no problem.  I could dance all night long and deal with the discomfort.  But as I've gotten older, I have become less and less able to cope with the pain that heels cause me.  And for a long time I thought as a fat girl I had to wear heels to look "taller and leaner."  But frankly, now I care less about what other people think about my size or my fashion sense. 

Yes. I know you do too.

I recently attended the 5-year blogiversary of The Curvy Fashionista with my girls, including Michelle of Zaftig Times, who always looks vintage chic.  I remember first meeting her at the POSH LA Fashion Week event last March and we talked about how she never wears heels anymore because they're just too uncomfortable. At the time I wasn't quite ready to give them up, but it did get me thinking about what I was willing to sacrifice.  Was I willing to sacrifice the health of my feet for the sake of an outfit?  Yes, I was.  But not so much anymore.  Maybe this is sort of like a New Year's non-resolution.  Sure, why not?

Michelle, Julia, Me, Christine on the red carpet #tcfturns5

Anyway, at the blogiversary party I wore an ethereal black and white number (see above) with a pair of Calvin Klein flats in leopard and patent leather. They are divine and, though I try not to play favorites with my shoes, these are kind of my everything right now. In fact, I think I hear a choir of angels singing in the background...I felt so cute in those shoes and I danced and walked and was comfortable all night long.  I didn't feel any less cute just because I wasn't wearing heels. OK, there was perhaps a tiny part of me that wished I were taller, but that faded quickly as I watched and overheard other women in super high heels sitting down, complaining of foot pain

Calvin Klein, Size 11, Nordstrom Rack, $55

Like many women, I adore shoes!  Yes, I'm a feminist who loves shoes. Get over it. Shoes are my vice and I never tire of shopping for them.  At a size 11, it can sometimes be tough to find shoes that fit my long narrow feet without having to spend a fortune.  So, when I'm in Nordstrom Rack or Marshalls or TJ Maxx, I always head for the shoe section. And I've found some terrific deals too.

Clockwise from top left: Nordstrom blue suede loafers $50; 
Coach oxfords $39; Mix No. 6 metallic leopard loafers $29; 
Diane Von Furstenberg red suede & metallic slippers $119 (bday gift)

Flats have become so chic in recent years that I actually feel appropriate wearing them to dressy events.  These days anything goes, and I'm eternally grateful.  I can see myself being known for my splendid flat shoe collection and getting a spread in Skorch Magazine, where I am naked in a tub full of blinged out, feathery, bright flats, sipping a glass of champagne of course.

Hey Skorch, this is the tub I was thinking of. Thanks!

My point in sharing all this, is that if you are like me -- fat and a lover of fashion -- you don't have to sacrifice style just because you hate wearing heels. Heels are not the only option, especially if you don't care about looking thinner. Flats look great with skater skirts, pin-up dresses, skinny jeans and wide leg trousers alike.  Do some experimenting with your wardrobe and you'll discover a whole new world of FUN in flats.

ciao for niao,

P.S.  I will probably still have to wear heels in photo shoots.  That's the exception to the rule. Ok, I'm done now.

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