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Mixed Fat Chick Does Fashion?

Mixed Fat Chick Does Fashion?

I am anxiety-ridden as I write this post. I haven't written anything for my blog in about two months, or perhaps more. I was waiting to feel inspired.

But as a writer, it's my job to write. To write, and write, and write. Practice. Practice. Practice.


If I waited for inspiration every single time, I suspect I'd have time enough to master the violin. So, this is me, picking my instrument back up. I will Practice. Practice. Practice.

OK, now that my micro self-help session is out of the way....

So, here's what I've been thinking about lately. I've been thinking about doing more plus fashion and plus style on mixedfatchick.com. The reason I haven't done it more, is because I'm lazy. And I promise, I'm not being self-deprecating in the least. The mere thought of losing an extra 15-20 minutes of sleep so I can take proper photos of my OOTDs, brings to mind a simple and clear answer. No.

No. I don't want to get up early. I want to sleep.




A person has the prerogative to change their mind. And I have. Changed my mind, that is.

I know I don't post much on the fashion front, but I always get such fun feedback and inspiration from my readers when I do.

Here are a few outfits I actually documented in 2015.





20150520_164315-1 (1)


Now let's be clear. I don't think I can promise daily posts on fashion, but maybe I could start with like, once or twice a month. Yes?

Because I really want to talk STYLE. Fashion and style are not one and the same. You can have fashion, and not have style. But for me, style is about learning who you are. It evolves as you do, so it changes all the time (at least for me). Which is why I love it! That, and it's a great way to fight stereotypes about what fat women shouldn't wear.


But it's also about exploring new silhouettes and getting out of your comfort zone. When I start collecting pieces for a certain look, it's exciting to see it come together. I love that from one week to the next, I can go from preppy in pearls, to rockin' a head wrap. My closet reflects that, which makes getting dressed a whole lot of fun!


For instance, I want to do a post on 10 Ways I Wore My Fave Vintage Oxblood Velvet BlazerI know, right? And it's stretchy velvet -- but very structured! (I found it at Out of the Closet here in L.A.. Shhhhhh.)

Or maybe a feature on Accessorizing Like a Pro! I have A LOT of accessories and am always looking for innovative ways to combine the unexpected.

palm springs style


OK, What else? What am I missing..?

Oh, also, I'm going to need to let my husband know that he's now my official photographer! He's awesome, so  I feel pretty good about it.

OK, I think that's all I have in me today. And, I'm really excited about making magic with you in 2016!



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