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3 Gifts You Must Give Yourself This Holiday Season

3 Gifts You Must Give Yourself This Holiday Season

This time of year things can get pretty hectic. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice or some combination thereof, the holidays are just busy! 

I've decided to prioritize a few things this holiday season. Typically I get caught up in buying gifts and getting them shipped out on time. I feel rushed and then before I know it my favorite season is gone in a flash. But with my new little one, things have changed and I'm re-prioritizing and reclaiming my time. Here a few ways you can do the same thing.


This seems like a no brainer, but many of us spend so much time running around that we miss the point of the holidays.

So far I've had the pleasure of spending one on one quality time with people I really love. I had a great afternoon with my bestie a couple of weeks ago eating yummy treats, sipping wine and watching Love Actually for umpteenth time. Then I had a lunch date with a dear friend over Mexican food and margaritas, followed by a cozy chat on my sofa -- of course little P was there too. My parents came to visit this past weekend, and we spent quality time together by keeping things low key and simple. And finally, this Saturday I get to spend an afternoon with one of my favorite people in the world. We will be baking cookies, creating DIY decorations and gifts, and laughing up a storm! 

Spending time with those you love can restore your spirit and remind you what life's really about.


With all the rushing around, don't forget to stop and rest!

For each of us self-care means something different. For me it means getting more sleep (not always easy with a 7-month old around), not indulging too much in heavy food and alcohol, and making time to laugh. I find laughter to be one of the most healing practices of all. Just yesterday my little guy and I had a 20 minute game of making silly faces at each other and cracking up. It was incredibly special and it felt amazing!


The new year is just 19 days away! What do you want to do differently in 2018? Is there a project you've meaning to start? A habit you want to break? Places you want to travel?

Set your intentions now. Better yet, set yourself up for success by working with me (insert shameless plug here). You guys know I'm a life coach. And I would love nothing more than to help you achieve your goals and dreams. Right now I'm offering 25% off coaching packages. I can help you identify:

  • Core values and goals that will align with the life you want
  • Motivations or barriers to reaching your goals
  • Tangible action steps for increasing their ability to live a more intentional, meaningful life

With all that said, make the best of the days and weeks ahead. Indulge in fun, friendship, and festivity with complete abandon. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season!

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