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5 Body Positive Activities from My New Book that Fight Diet Culture

5 Body Positive Activities from My New Book that Fight Diet Culture

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

As some of you know, I co-authored a book of body love inspirations and activities that came out in Fall 2018. I’m really proud of it and want to share some of my favorite excerpts with you.

As you are bombarded and body shamed with ads for diets and the latest fitness craze, I offer you 5 body positive activities from my book to combat the “new year, new you” bullshit!

  1. Spend time looking at photos on a body positive website. Notice the similarities between bodies on the site that you find attractive and your body.

    Basically you need to stop buying magazines and poring over IG accounts that represent only thin bodies. When I filled my feed with bodies that looked like mine, my views on my own body became much more loving.

  2. Send a thank you note on behalf of your body to a merchant that is body positive.

    I seriously love this idea! If you are encouraged by the diversity of bodies represented by a clothing brand you like or purchase from, let them know they’re doing a great job. Make your voice heard!

  3. Become an amateur sociologist or people watcher. Go to a public pool/ spa and notice how many different kinds of bodies you see. Find something to appreciate about every one.

    I love this idea because when people are wearing clothes we idolize their figures and assume that they don’t have cellulite or stretch marks or rolls. But mostly they do! I think this exercise helps to neutralize the way we categorize bodies into good ones and bad ones. Remember, ALL BODIES ARE GOOD BODIES!

  4. Buy a present for your body. Wrap it and write out a card explaining why your body deserves a thank-you present.

    This could be anything from lotion, to soap, a silky bathrobe, fuzzy socks or even a vibrator! Use this as an opportunity to remind yourself that your body deserves love and care no matter what size or shape it is. Cultivating a loving relationship with your body starts with you!

  5. Find art that features someone who looks like you. Display it where you’ll see it often.

    This isn’t about buying an expensive piece of art. You can find plenty of great affordaboe art on etsy, or simply create a folder or a carousel of rotating art that inspires you to cultivate your own beauty and worth.

If you liked these activities, you can find 229 more in my new book, which is only $9.95 on Amazon (also available for Kindle) - way cheaper than any fad diet or clean eating regimen I can think of. Plus, it’s way better for your psyche.

Start 2019 off by giving diet culture the middle finger. Take control of what you visually consume in our thin-obsessed culture and take tiny steps toward changing the way you see yourself. You are enough!

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