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Recommitting to YOU and ME!

This past year has been incredibly amazing in every way. I have been planning my wedding with the love of my life (we are getting married on Groundhog Day of 2013). I visited Turkey and Kenya over the summer.  I have been on a spiritual journey of self-acceptance. I have put on a bathing suit and gone swimming in front of strangers!  I have made new friendships and let toxic ones go.  I have laughed and cried and danced and sung.  What I have not done, is paid any attention to my blog or my website, Curvy Sexy Chic.  
Gabi Gregg looking fierce!

For the year ahead, I want to rededicate myself to this endeavor which was born two years ago.  I was inspired to start it because I feel there need to be more spaces for women with regular bodies to feel good about themselves.  And today there are many blogs and websites that cater to our tribe:  Plus Model Magazine, Curvy Girl Chic, The Curvy Fashionista, Gabi Fresh and many more.  I love reading all these blogs.  There is wonderful information and incredible inspiration to be had everywhere!

I resolve to rejoin the plus size community and be part of the solution instead of the problem.  I commit to posting the following on my website and blog this year:

-Fabulous pictures of
real women and plus size models who represent us, wearing chic clothes and defining their own styles.
-Featuring a new plus size woman or model each week who is loving herself and making a positive impact on the plus size community.

-Useful resources, including links to blogs, websites and fashion designers that make clothes for Curvy Sexy Chic women like you and me!
    On a separate note, I am also recommitting to getting back to modeling and acting.  I realize now that they are two of my many passions, and that I must pursue them.   I can feed the fear of thinking I'm not good enough or thin enough, or I can feed my spirit and trust the positive voices that tell me I can be AMAZING.   I choose the latter!  I firmly believe that we need more actresses who represent what real women look like.  Our obsession with thinness must be stopped! We must start a size revolution if we want to see change in our society.  I want young girls to see role models of all sizes on the screen and beyond. Stay tuned for more on this topic in the year ahead!

    I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be back with a new zeal and a pep in my step.  Thank you to all my fans, past, present and future.  I really look forward to hearing from you and making Curvy Sexy Chic a place you'll want to visit often.  Until then, be well and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

    With love and light,


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